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The model TCD-210 time code display has been designed with the latest in microprocessor technology to provide reliable and trouble free operation.

The TCD-210 accepts a 1 KHz modulated IRIG-B time code using either a 600 ohm balanced line or 600 ohm or 100K ohm unbalanced line. The incoming time code is decoded and displayed on .56 inch high red LED digits (high efficiency) to display the DAYS:HOURS:MINS:SECS and TIME OF DAY in seconds. The DAYS digits can be disabled with an internal switch setting. The TIME OF DAY in seconds display can also be disabled in the same manner. The TCD-210 ignores the control bit information and just uses the data which is to be displayed. Therefore the control bits can be used for other purposes and not affect the TCD-210 operation.

The TCD-210 is housed in a rugged desktop aluminum enclosure. A line filter is provided on the power input connection to provide filtering of any noise coming in on the power line and also to suppress any noise from the digital circuitry that may be passed back onto the power line.

Other time codes and display configurations can be provided upon special order.


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