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The RDU-518 Dual Display Time Code Reader provides two seperate readouts in a single 1 unit high rack mounted enclosure. Each channel of the RDU-518 has been designed to provide a visual display of IRIG-B, IRIG CS3,FDME/BUDX, KSC/MILA and IRIG CS-5 countdown signals.

The unit will automatically select between IRIG B, IRIG CS-3, FDME/BUDX, KSC/MILA time codes. The transformer coupled input reduces common mode interference.

IRIG CS-5246, CS-5247, CS-5248 is selected using a rear panel switch. RS-232 and RS-422 inputs are provided.

The display consists of 9 digits for the time, one digit for A (actual), P (predicted) or H (holding) and a plus and minus sign, using .56" high red LED digits. An intensity control is provided to control the brightness of the display.


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